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Here at LTP we offer a quality, personalised, efficient service, providing for your translation needs in all major languages.

We ensure that translations are accurate and true to the source text whilst endeavouring to convey the desired meaning.

Please contact us for any translation requirement that you may have, from English into another language, or from another language into English.

We translate many different types of text for our clients, ranging from short phrases or contact details, through to press releases to large technical manuals.



How do I make a translation request?

Please do not hesitate to contact us using your preferred method of communication. It is often easiest to email an example of your source text and then discuss specific requirements by telephone.

Initially we require the following information:

  • Source language
  • Target Language
  • Electronic File (any format accepted)
  • Number of words (we can calculate this)
  • Any deadline you are working to

We may also request: Any reference material useful to the translators, for example previously translated brochures/documents, glossaries of terminology etc.


What are the usual timescales?

We will aim to deliver to your deadline which will be agreed at the start of the project.

We would usually expect a translator to process between 2,000 to 2,500 words per working day (depending on the technicality of the text).

We can take urgent translation requests, working out of office hours and over the weekend. We would not normally assign more than one translator to a job as this would have a detrimental effect on consistency.

However, at the client’s request and dependent on the subject matter this may be arranged if absolutely necessary in order to meet an urgent deadline.


What will
it cost?

Costs are based on a price per 1,000 words with a minimum fee in place. We are very competitive in the market.

Our pricing structure is broken down clearly when a quotation is provided, and takes into account the source and target languages, the nature of the text, the deadline required, and any additional services.

We seek to build lasting business relationships with our clients, many of whom may use a number of different services.


Who are our translators?

We understand the importance of accuracy, consistency and an excellent understanding of the subject matter. Our selection policy is to work only with suitably qualified and experienced linguists and we have built up an extensive network of in-house and freelance translators who have diverse backgrounds and experience in industry.

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Recent Projects

Some of our more recent projects have included translation of the following:

  • Website content
  • Marketing material and brochures
  • Training materials
  • Work instructions Contracts
  • Marriage and Birth Certificates
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Medical documentation
  • Quality standards, policies and frameworks
  • Marine Insurance Claim evidence
  • Press Releases
  • Rent statements
  • Health and Safety Manual