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Here at LTP we understand the importance of business relationships and effective communication. Are you able to bring down language and cultural barriers in order to increase your growth opportunities?

What types of courses are available?

We tailor a package to suit the individual or company need, taking into account your language ability, the standard desired, time constraints and budget.

Language training can be delivered on the company premises or a meeting room* here at the Business and Innovation Centre (*2 or more students).

We offer a variety of training packages in most major languages to suit both corporate and individual needs.

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Recent Language Courses

Our most recent language courses have included the following:

English (ESOL)
Mandarin Chinese

Please contact us with any language requirement that you might have.


Corporate group training

Ideal for groups at a similar level or with a shared need:

Various course durations and levels available

Highly economical, great team builder, multi-cultural enhancer

Small groups 2-10 max, enhanced learning, regular tutor feedback and support

Relevant, themed modules and use of authentic learning materials

Ongoing tutor support, start, mid and end course assessments, regular performance feedback



Suitable for busy individuals with tight schedules and/or intensive training needs.

Courses tailored to your level and ability, increased focus, quick progression

We work closely with you to select relevant, themed modules and use of authentic learning materials

Flexible timing, courses can be re-scheduled within 24 hours

Full trainer support and feedback; courses can be quickly adapted for the individual

Ongoing tutor support, start, mid and end course assessments, regular performance feedback


Cultural Awareness sessions

Suitable for those wishing to understand and appreciate intercultural differences in business, in order to improve communication and build trust and relationships.

Courses tailored to your requirements

A range of sessions covering available covering different countries, cultures, and sectors

Covering aspects of working, meeting, negotiating, entertaining and corresponding

Sessions can be held at your premises and durations set to suit your needs

Other courses

ESOL | IELTs | CEFL levels


How do I enquire about training?

Please do not hesitate to contact us using your preferred method of communication. It is often easiest to email some initial details and then discuss specific requirements by telephone.

Initially we require the following information:

  • Language or country of interest
  • Details of students/delegates
  • Company profile
  • Preferred dates
  • Preferred times


What happens

Based on the information provided and our initial discussions, we will provide a proposal which would usually include:

  • Level
  • Course type
  • Session length
  • Timetable
  • Duration
  • Objectives
  • Course content
  • Review
  • Longer term aims
  • Location
  • Costs


What will
it cost?

Costs are based on a price per hour.

We are very competitive in the market.

Our pricing structure is broken down clearly when a quotation is provided, and is dependent on the size of the group and the location. Course books can be purchased at an additional fee.

We seek to build lasting business relationships with our clients, many of whom may use a number of different services.