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Additional Services


Proof reading

Proofreading eliminates language errors and errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling, lexis, format, and style.

All translation work is reviewed (proof checked) carefully by the linguist carrying out the translation.

Proofreading by an independent linguist can be provided as an additional service.

This could also include work that you have had carried out independently or a website that has been translated.



The standard copy-editing service will check your original typescript for sense and style, to include, clarity, ambiguity, word choice, spelling, grammar, punctuation, organisation and structure.



Audio Transcription

This involves transcribing recorded audio/audio-visual material from English or the source language into the target language. Formats can include cassette tape, CD/DVD, digital video, MP3, realplayer files.

We can also provide Audio Transcription through fully equipped professional sound recording studios if required, producing transcribed documents in industry standard audio formats.




Certification involves providing an official statement on letterhead that the translation has been carried out by a professional translator and that their work is a faithful translation of the original source text. Our company stamp is applied on the letterhead, the source text and each page of translated text.



Notarisation is a higher level of certification, which may be required for legal use. This involves legally attesting any kind of official document before a legal notary (e.g. solicitor) so that its contents are certified to be true and accurate.




Localisation means adapting content (for example of a website) for local audiences. Anything from design to photography can be localised for a specific country or region, along with the main aspect; language translation. Localisation ensures that your content is both linguistically and culturally appropriate for the intended markets.


Alternative Formats

Large Print
Large Print available in both black and white and full colour formats to replicate existing designs / layouts.
Braille in A4 or standard 12 inch pages in both single sided and interpoint (double sided formats) wire bound, with card covers.
British sign language
BSL transcription can translate your information for video, television, cinema, internet, podcasts, webcasts and with or without captioning.
Subtitling, voice-over and audio-description services
Please enquire for more details.


DTP (Desk Top Publishing)

Desktop Publishing (or DTP) is the process of combining text and graphics, using specific applications (Quark Express, Indesign, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Publisher, Pagemaker, Frontpage, Photoshop, Framemaker etc.), to produce documents such as newsletters, brochures, books, etc, in printable form.

This may be required if the document being translated is required in final form ready for production.



Residential Courses

We offer English courses for International students here in the North East covering ESOL, IELTS and a range of specialised areas of study.

Packages include:

  • Classes
  • Accommodation (university or homestay)
  • Meals
  • Educational and cultural excursions
  • Transfers

Please enquire for details of courses running in 2015.