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About Us

We are a close team of linguists, tutors, project and quality managers, who strive to continue to provide our tailored services to our clients in a rapidly growing global marketplace, where language skills and cultural awareness can be key.

Susan Navarro

As Managing Director Sue brings a wealth of business management experience and quality expertise, she is also a qualified ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) teacher and has lived, worked and studied in Spain.

With a career in the Pharmaceutical import and wholesale business spanning more than 14 years, a sabbatical break in Spain back in 2007 saw Sue improve her own language skills whilst also qualifying with a Cambridge CELTA certificate from International House in Barcelona. Returning to the UK a few years later, she continued to work in both areas, teaching at Newcastle college on FEFL, EFL, IELTs and ESOL skills for life courses and study towards the DTE(E)LLS qualification.

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Carlos Navarro Martos

Carlos is a Director of LTP whose background is in Business Management, IT systems & training.  Alongside this he ran his own business in Spain in the catering industry.

Living in the UK since 2009, he is tri-lingual and has a passion for language learning.  He has studied ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) with Instituto Cervantes.  He delivers Spanish and Catalan language classes, as well as working with clients on their website translation and localisation, and interpreting at business meetings.

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Our Linguists

We understand the importance of accuracy, consistency and the need to have an excellent understanding of the subject matter. Our Linguists are all suitably qualified with industry specific experience.

Our translators only translate into their native Language and are selected based on their experience and specialist areas of expertise.

Our interpreters interpret between their native language and your required language, and must be proficient in both.

Our trainers are qualified linguists, tutors, trainers and professionals who will work with you to assess your needs and design a course scheme of work or training session to suit you.

We aim to build lasting relationships with our clients, assigning the same linguists to the same client where possible to build specific knowledge and expertise.